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My Story


It all started when I was a little girl.  My daddy got me a new puppy, she was a mix, but she looked just like a Golden Retriever. After I got married, I had to leave "Shy" at "home". She lived a wonderful life for 16 years.  I was determined to have another Golden, so I started looking.  It took awhile, but some years later we found Maxx.  That's where it all started.  Once you welcome a Golden into your heart, you may find yourself adding more than one! 
We raise our Goldens with our five children, on our 60 acre farm, so our dogs enjoy every minute of every day, whether it's exploring through the woods, swimming, playing fetch or just being loved on.
We strive to select the best dogs for our mating pairs, breeding for temperament, beauty, intelligence, and certaintly not least, health.  We try to maintain as natural of a lifestyle as possible, to produce the healthiest pups for you to welcome into your families life.
Contact us with any additional questions, or for a copy of our health guarantee.  Follow us on Facebook for the most recent up to date pictures, at Carolina Country Goldens.



Phone: 704-320-6193



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